Another Lone Boar

Another lone boar came through and a quick stalk and head shot ended his journey. Decent size but lacking in the cutter department. And once again, our ReoLink GO captured the shot. In the video, he is at the base of...

Sow Down!

Took a nice sow at the Mt. Vernon property.  Best part is that the cellular security camera we have at the spot captured the kill shot.

Big Boar Down

Friday the 13th was a good day for me but a bad day for a big bruise boar in Mt. Vernon.  I had stopped at the Mt. Vernon property on the way back home from the DeKalb property to refill the...

October – A Good Month

October was a good month for putting animals down!  It started on the bow opener where I got a doe on our DeKalb property.  Then I whacked two pigs with one shot in Mt. Vernon.  Then killed  a large boar at...

Trapped 4 Good Hogs

On October 14th, four good hogs entered the trap and got the gate drop. Video of the 4 hogs after being dispatched

Lone Boar Trapped

Every once in a while, we get a lone boar that passes through.   This happened to be one of those times.  He actually entered the trap for about 1 minute before leaving before I could drop the gate.  But, he came...

Trapping Success

We have had a JagerPro wireless MINE trapping system out at a friend’s place in Terrell, TX since May of 2017.  We trapped about 40 hogs in 2017 and about 20 in 2018.  A big fat 0 in 2019.   We had...

Coyote Down!

I went out to a friend’s property recently and did some coyote calling.  I started right at dark and was using my AR15 and thermal.  I called in a coyote right at the start of the sequence using female invitation howls....

Big Hog Down!

Took a 230lb boar up in Jacksboro.  He was in a wheat field.  50 yard shot, then he ran towards me.  he took 9 .223 64gr rounds from my AR.  Finally fell 4ft from me!

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