About TXHogSlayer


hogslayerlogoprod with the COM texas

Hog hunting has become a passion of mine and I created this site to share my experiences and create a place to access information on hogs.

I’ve hunted all over Texas. Different terrain and all kinds of weather. Private ranches, public land and outfitters.  I love every second of hog hunting. The scouting, the preparation, the pursuit, the kill, the butchering and the eating.  I respect the animal and I am amazed every time I hunt at how smart, resilient and strong they are.  I have learned so much. Some through research but mostly through outfitters, hunting sessions and experiences in the field.

I also love the fact that we can hunt them year-round here in Texas. All you need is a valid hunting license and you’re off!  One of the coolest things to do is hunt them at night with night vision. It’s awesome to get that close and to watch them undisturbed.

So, we hope you find the site useful. Now, go out there and get that bacon!