Equipment and Gear

To be a serious hog hunter, one must employ the right gear. That doesn’t mean breaking the bank by getting the latest and greatest, it simply means getting the right gear in the right configuration and/or version for the situation.  Hogs are largely nocturnal especially in the late spring and summer months. That means one must utilize some sort of light or illumination gear.  Of course, which gun you use is important as well.  Here we profile the gear we use and that helps us increase our kill rates. We settled on this gear after a few years of trial and error. Nothing beats the lessons from the field. You can listen to your buddies and read all you can, but nothing beats experiencing and learning on your own.

Night Hunting Setup





Tikka T3 Lite.270 WINATN X-Sight 5×18Tikka T3 Lite –

ATN X-Sight –


Tactical / Spot and Stalk Setup



DPMS Panther Arms Oracle.223/5.56Nikon P-223 4-12×40 BDCDPMS Oracle –

Nikon P223  –×40-Matte-BDC-600————-.html

What about Ammo?

Besides your gun, what ammo you choose is extremely important.  Here’s what we use:

American-Whitetail-small-packaging-familyAmerican Whitetail from HORNADY – it’s a deadly round that shoots clean and that has devastating stopping power.  We’ve taken many a hog with it. Check it here: .



razor-boar-xt-landing_logoRazorback XT from Winchester – a round specifically designed for boar hunting.  This is our .223 round.  We had been using the Full Boar from Hornady but we got tired of tracking our kills, even after really good shots.  This thing is amazing.  Check it here:  This is what we use in our .223 AR-15.



Core-Lokt-75th-BoxCore-Lokt from Remington – a great all around bullet that is reasonably priced.  We use this reliable round in our .270s.  Check it here:

Other Stuff

We also use red tactical flashlights when necessary – usually mounted to the barrel.  Night Vision monoculars are also very effective.  We employ the Firefield Nightfall Night Vision Monocular.  It is great for surveillance and spotting.  We don’t hunt at night without it!

Of course you must have a good backpack, a thermacell, good knives, a game bag and a shooting stick.  Your loadout will differ based on your hunting situation so always pack what you need to ensure you are prepared.  Also, if you have nightvision gear, make sure you have extra batteries with you!

We’ll close with saying, get a Thermacell.  Go.  Now.  Buy one.  We don’t go hunting in the spring, summer or fall without one.  It is an amazing product!