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Big Hog Down!

Took a 230lb boar up in Jacksboro.  He was in a wheat field.  50 yard shot, then he ran towards me.  he took 9 .223 64gr rounds from my AR.  Finally fell 4ft from me!

Another Nice Boar

This past weekend I ventured up to Jacksboro with Oxferd Outfitter again to pursue the big boars on one of the ranches.  Weather was going to be a challenge.  Lots of rain…constant and strong.  But, we love a challenge so off...

Another Giant

We ended up in Jacksboro again this past weekend.  And again, I was after a trophy boar.  We had this one big boy on camera for the past month and twice he had eluded me.  Once my IR spooked him and...

Dad Scores!

It had been almost three years since Dad had been up to Jacksboro to chase the smart, free range pigs up there.  So, I arranged for him to accompany me for the weekend.  His first night was a bust – he...

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