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Rustic and comfortable accommodations

If you are looking for a challenging hunt and for a chance to score that big Eurasian trophy boar or big whitetail, you need to come hunt with Oxferd Outfitter in Jacksboro, TX.  Since February of 2015, I have hunted many times with them.  They know wild hogs better than anyone I have met or hunted with.  They know the patterns, the behavior, the bedding areas, the impact of weather and wind and most importantly, they know where they are and when.  Nothing is guaranteed but I can safely say from experience that these guys put you on ’em and provide the absolute best opportunity for a kill.

I have taken a pig or pigs most times I’ve been up there and on the occasions I didn’t get a shot, I saw them.  Remember too that they will put you on the hogs, the rest is up to you.  Now, they will provide explicit instructions on how you are to hunt them and what you have to do.  If you take their advice, you will increase your chances at a hog.  Remember, they are smart and they know their environs.  The slightest oddity in terms of light, smell, sound, taste, etc. will keep them away.  You have to be patient and be ready for a long and challenging hunt.  Most hunts I am on are over 6 hours long.

Lodging at Oxferd Outfitter is great.  Rustic and complete with all the necessities needed to have a great time.  There are several cabins and each have adequate beds and full kitchens and bathrooms.  Don’t come here looking for the Ritz, just come to be comfortable and for a place to have a great time and kick your feet up after a long hunt.

Jame Rae is the owner and he has excellent guides on staff.  They are very good at what they do. The ranches that James manages are amazing pieces of property.  The habitat is perfect for hogs and deer and they have feeders and blinds located in key areas as to maximize your chance for a kill.  They plant food plots, keep feeders going year-round and plant sunflowers for Dove season.  If you come here, you will have an excellent shot at taking home your quarry.

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If you are looking for an affordable, challenging and memorable hunt with great lodging, service and game; you need to come hunt with Oxferd Outfitter!