We’ve started trapping too!  We employ the Jager Wirelss Trapping System (M.I.N.E gates and cameras) that allow us to monitor, in real time, our trap and scout locations.  We are also able to remotely trigger the gate to ensure we get the most pigs out of a sounder each time.  Efficiency and being humane are our cornerstone principles.  Trap ’em fast, trap ’em clean!

We’ll post current and past projects here along with videos and tips.


Current Project

  • Location – Terrell, TX
  • Client /Issue – 15 acre “residential” property that backs up to 250 acres of timber – hogs root the owner’s lawn, field and even flowers up by the house.
  • Process – Locate – Concentrate – Eliminate.  We identified a heavy travel area and baited for a few days.  Once they were coming in, we erected the trap and baited only the trap.
  • Phase
    • Scout / Enclosure Set up – COMPLETE
    • Monitor Activity – COMPLETE
    • Set up Trap – COMPLETE
    • Trap – ONGOING
    • Collect – ONGOING

We are still trapping this property.  In the last year we trapped and removed 47 hogs.  We will be on this property for the foreseeable future.  The hogs aren’t as plentiful but we get groups and loners here and there.

Gallery of trapping pics is below: